• Join us for the 30th Anniversary of Light Up a Life!
    Join us for the 30th Anniversary of Light Up a Life!
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    Livingston’s staff leads by example.
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    Honor a friend or family member by donating annually in their memory.
    It’s a meaningful way to pay tribute and show how they live on in your heart.
  • Home health care “Home health care encompasses a wide range of skilled services and provides care for
    all ages; from the youngest to the most senior, Livingston is here for you.”
  • special memento box“The Hospice Interdisciplinary Team works together to provide comfort care to meet
    physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The focus is on living and improved quality of life.”
  • Personal Care Givers “Livingston's personal care givers' mission is to preserve independence,
    dignity, and quality of life for aging loved ones who wish to live at home.”
  • Thanks you for all the angels who cared for my mother during a difficult period for all of us. You’ll all be in my hearts always.
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Dear Livingston,


This is to thank you one and all for the loving compassionate care you gave my husband during his final illness. You always treated him with dignity and for that I am eternally grateful.


Sincerely yours,

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Since 1947

The Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association has been making home health house calls for Ventura County residents since 1947. Livingston can support a patient’s needs for home health care and hospice with its experienced, certified and licensed staff.

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