About Livingston

Team Livingston: Charles M. Hair, MD, Chairman Emeritus

When Dr. Charles Hair began practicing medicine in Ventura County in 1948, family physicians did everything for their patients, from tonsillectomies to delivering babies. “I’ve seen it go from practice of medicine to the science of medicine,” he said, adding that today’s doctors are much more specialized than in his day, which is a benefit for patients. “Medicine has changed astronomically over the years, and for the most part, it has been positive. People get more sophisticate care,” he said.

Dr. Hair was Livingston’s Board Chairman from 1984 until 2012. When he retired as Chairman, Livingston’s Board asked that he stay on as Chairman Emeritus. He graciously accepted.

The Board Chairman who followed Dr. Hair, Laura McAvoy, said, “We’re all very gratified that Dr. Hair is continuing on the board and we will be continuing to get his advice and counsel.”

Dr. Hair takes pride in the fact that Livingston is the only home health care agency in the county to accept patients for home healthcare no matter their insurance coverage or income level. The only requirement is that the in-home care be ordered by a doctor.

Dr. Hair graduated from Santa Paula Union High School in 1937 and got his medical degree from USC in 1945. An interesting tidbit is that Livingston’s namesake, Dr. Robert Livingston and his wife were among his first patients.

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