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Team Livingston: Jeannie Graham

Jeannie Graham’s exceptional work as a RN Supervisor in Home Health deserves recognition.

Jeannie completed her RN training at Ventura College. She worked at Cottage Hospital before joining Livingston in 2010. Jeannie started as a field nurse caring for our patients and did an amazing job. She received many accolades about the care she provided. She was recruited for an office supervisor position in 2013. Although her talents were needed for patients, it was felt that she would make a great leader for the field staff. And she did and she is!

Every adjective used to describe a good supervisor can be used to describe Jeannie — patient-centered, fair, dependable, responsible, trustworthy, independent, dedicated, motivated, decisive, diligent, loyal, and a fair problem solver. She brings her best to work every day and oversees the care provided by our staff with a love for our mission. We cannot thank her enough!

There is one unique aspect that dominates all Jeannie does — and the best way to explain it is to say that her approach to people is like that of a humble servant. She is not looking for praise; she is not showy in her style. She quietly and calmly solves problems and puts out fires. Jeannie gives the frantic person a touch of her steady presence. It was well said by her supervisor “You should hear the way she speaks to our patients and their families… she is able to support them, calm them, and get to the root of their problem and without fuss, resolve it. Her steady presence is a blessing to us, and we thank her for being a leader in our organization.”

Jeannie truly represents the caliber of employee you can expect to meet at Livingston.

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