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Team Livingston:
John Macias - Celebrating 25 Years of Service… 

John Macias has been a part of the Livingston team for twenty five years starting way back in 1990 when he took a temporary position in our Medical Records department. Over the ensuing years and numerous positions later he is now director of Livingston CareGivers, a homecare provider of vital, certified, personal assistance services to homebound patients. “The opportunity to be part of helping people through some of their most challenging times, due to health issues related to aging gives me the most personal satisfaction,” John states. Citing his twenty five years at the “University of Livingston” as his most important education, he says, “I enjoy my job immensely. I can’t put a price tag on how important it is for me to be involved with an organization that strives for the greater good.”

“John is truly extraordinary,” says Teresa Pavan, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer. “An employee that works for a company for 25 years must be competent, compassionate, calm, stable, committed, loyal, strong, savvy, determined, and patient. John is all of these things. But to work for a nonprofit company for 25 years because you believe in its mission deep in your soul, because you live and breathe it; well that is simply extraordinary. We are blessed beyond measure to have John as our leader in CareGivers. He is the real deal.”
Thank you John, for all you do for Livingston. Here’s to another twenty five.

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