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Team Livingston: Kina Rodriguez

Kina Rodriguez exceptional work for our agency as a Practice Advanced Specialist and Coder deserves to be recognized. Although our patients never have the pleasure of knowing Kina’s caring and dedicated work, we depend upon her skills to ensure that their care is correctly documented in our records and their diagnoses are coded accurately to be authorized and billed.

Kina has worked in the home care industry for over 15 years, and we were delighted that in 2012 she chose to come to join Team Livingston. Kina’s skills have made our team stronger. She completed training in the new ICD-10 system and is an invaluable resource in our coding department. She assists our intake department with coding for insurance authorizations. She has assumed the lead role in managing our requirements for the Medicare Provider Enrollment, Chain and Ownership System and in assisting in home care data submissions to the State of California. Lastly, she joined the Employee Relations Committee (or as we call it our Party Team), to help us all make our work lives more fun and our time as co-workers become time with friends.

One of the key aspects about Livingston staff is that they are not only skilled at their work, but that they exude a joy and a compassion for others. Kina’s peers describe her as “dedicated, hard working, productive, trustworthy, approachable, makes others feel good about themselves, happy, knowledgeable, resourceful, easy to get along with, team player, bridge maker.” Or, as another said, “Kina always has a smile on her face and exudes a positive attitude.”

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