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Team Livingston: Lisa Hull

Lisa Hull’s exception work as Livingston’s book keeper deserves recognition.

Before joining our business office in 2011, Lisa worked in the front office of a physician’s practice for eight years and ran her own Ventura County-based travel agency for 13 years. Lisa oversees our accounts payable, or as her supervisor Mark Minnis says, “Spends all of our money. And she manages to do that quite well! Kidding aside, her oversight on our payables is nothing short of amazing. I have personally witnessed her double and triple check a bill — requiring concrete evidence that it is correct and should be paid. Her diligence and thoroughness is very important to our agency and it is much appreciated.”

Payroll is one of the most complex tasks that happen in the business office. Lisa manages the payroll for Caregivers and assists Debbie in the payroll for the other businesses. This is not an easy task as it requires an understanding of our complex pay per visit codes and the computer system that processes the data.

Lisa is an amazing cook and goodies by Lisa can be found frequently for visitors entering her office area.

Beyond her exceptional job performance, Lisa brings a professional, kind, and positive attitude to all she does. She is frequently described as “sweet” by staff, “Lisa is the sweetest person we know.” “Lisa is a kind, delightful, sweet and has a wonderful sense of humor.” “Lisa is intelligent, intuitive, resourceful, and the sweetest most even-keeled person.”

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