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Team Livingston: Nelda Samarel

Livingston Hospice volunteer and retired professor of nursing, Nelda Samarel, came to us in 2009 after 20 years of Hospice work in New Jersey and Ojai. During her Master’s program in the 1980s Nelda wrote her thesis on Hospice, which was a new concept at the time in the U.S. In addition to teaching nursing in a university, she worked as a part-time hospice nurse for a Visiting Nurse Association. Years later, when she retired in 2000, she moved to Ojai and became the full-time volunteer Director of the Krotona School of Theosophy.

After she retired from Krotona she began volunteering with Livingston Hospice, which she learned about from friends. Nelda says, “It’s an honor to be with people at such an important part of their lives.” Livingston’s Ojai Volunteer Coordinator Kathy Leary-Wilde says of Nelda, “Nelda is an Ojai Livingston treasure. She embodies a comforting presence, keen intuition, great sense of humor and an expansive sense of compassion.”

Beyond her volunteer work, Nelda is very involved in the death and dying process. She has written a book called Caring for Life and Death, an ethnographic study of hospice nurses; she also penned a booklet, Helping the Dying: A Guide for Families and Friends Assisting Those in Transition, for people who are experiencing the death process of a friend or relative.

We are lucky to have such committed and generous volunteers as Nelda. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for Livingston, please contact Maddy Hazard at (805)642-0239 x775 or mhazard@lmvna.org.

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