About Livingston

Team Livingston: Sue Khougaz

Sue Khougaz’s career began with nurses’ training on the geriatric floor of a hospital. And now she can often be heard saying with enthusiasm, “I love old people!” Eventually she earned her Masters and several specialties, resulting in an alphabet soup after her name. R.N., B.S.N, W.O.C.N.

As a nurse Sue witnessed many deaths, sad deaths, in ICU’s and facilities, and never had the time to give the warmth and kindness she knew people needed. In her heart she knew it didn’t have to be that way. When she retired she finally had the opportunity to do something about it as a Livingston Hospice volunteer.

She introduced herself to Livingston by calling and confidently stating, “Here I am, put me to work.” Being with patients remains a pull for Sue and now she has her ladies to visit. With empathy and creativity as two of Sue’s great gifts, she connects in whatever way she can with our patients, many of whom have late stage dementia. She plays music, shows photos and pictures and has even made an activity quilt.

In 2015 Sue humbly accepted the Roy Carlson Award for Livingston Volunteer of the Year.

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