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Team Livingston: Tracy Maloy

All Livingston patients benefit from the work of a remarkably talented RN Tracey Maloy. As our lead On-Call Triage Nurse, Tracy is responsible to manage the after-hours phone calls and resolve the problems that the callers present.

In many ways, Tracey is the Livingston 911 line — receiving calls from families or patients in crisis and finding a way to give them solace and resolve their issues. She works while our daytime staff sleeps and is the key to ensuring our patient plan of care is carried out 24 hours a day. She combines her knowledge of home health and hospice care with extraordinary calmness and compassion.

Tracy’s vocal accent gives away the fact that she is from New Zealand — where she completed her high school and college education. She began her nursing career when she came to the United States. She joined Livingston’s Home Health Team and moved to the On-Call Triage position in 2010 where she manages the on-call nursing team as well as takes triage calls. Tracey and her team do exceptional work.

Accolades for Tracey’s work come from everyone — including Dr. Dial, President/CEO and Medical Director at Livingston. “On many occasions, the resolution of the patient’s problem requires a call to me. When I receive the call from Tracey, I am consistently impressed by her communication, knowledge, resourcefulness, and keen wit,” says Dr. Dial. “You can imagine how important it is for me, awoken by a startling ring, to hear her voice and know that we can quickly and calmly solve the problem.”

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