Our CareGivers

Meet our professional and caring office staff, who manage over 70 active Care Givers and approximately 60 clients. From Left to Right: Brittny Alvarez, our warm and caring scheduler, John Macias, our accessible and knowledgeable office manager; Elena Hartman, our efficient and dedicated office support gal, and seated, Lynne Martson, our compassionate and experienced director.

Our CareGivers are dedicated, competent and caring individuals who are selected on the basis of integrity, experience, skill and compassion. Our staff are experienced Personal Care Givers, licensed Certified Nursing Assistants, or Certified Home Health Aides and are bonded and CPR certified. All employees are background checked and their performance is continually monitored to assure that the best care possible is provided. Great care is taken to ensure compatibility and match our Care Givers to client needs. The choice to change and/or replace a caregiver is also always available. Please call us @ (805) 642-9570 and one of our friendly and helpful staff will be happy to assist you.