Five Wishes

Getting the Care You Want When You Need it the Most

The advance care planning program that is: Credible. Simple. Legal.


It brings tremendous peace of mind to know that your health care wishes will be respected in the event you can’t speak for yourself. Not expressing your wishes could lead to family disagreements. So why have only one in five Americans completed an advance directive or living will?


Many say it’s because the subject of illness and dying is a difficult one most people would just rather avoid. Others say it’s because many advance care planning documents are written in often confusing and legal language and don’t cover what’s really important to people.


Five Wishes is American’s most popular living will because it’s written in everyday language and helps people express their wishes in areas that matter most — the personal and spiritual in addition to the medical and legal. It’s also a blueprint for describing what good care means to you, whether you are seriously ill or not. It helps your caregiver know exactly what you want.


Completing Five Wishes is a gift to your family, friends and your doctor because it keeps them out of the difficult position of having to guess what kind of treatment you want or don’t want in case you can’t speak for yourself. In Five Wishes you clearly state it.


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