Garden Tour 2018

Garden Tour 2019

The Pleasant Valley Historical Society Garden

In the 1990’s the City of Camarillo donated this abandoned reservoir to the historical society. It was the vision of Charles Honn that has inspired the garden we see today. As you wander through the natural landscape, well-labeled California native plants, trees and brush are plentiful. In cooperation with U.C. Berkley’s Urban Bee Lab, a variety of plants that attract bees were added to this botanical garden. Tropical Milkweed was also planted to support Monarch butterflies.







The Slusser Garden


The hardscape features Bouquet Canyon stone and it was used for the raised entry planters, the border walls, and is featured on the home. Landscape designer David Snow beautifully created a natural flow of plantings highlighted by a dry streambed. A variety of California native plants, succulents, and flowering shrubs provide a beautiful combination of textures and color throughout the yard.







The Long Garden


In response to the drought, the areas of grass have been reduced and replaced by meandering pathways. Plantings include California natives and drought tolerant choices such as Matilija poppies, sage, Strawberry trees, and shrimp grasses. It is the accumulation and display of many personal treasures that makes this garden so unique.







Mon Reve


French for “my dream,” this stunning garden fulfills its promise. Sitting on 1.6 acres, the entrance has a curving driveway set in a forest of birch, magnolia, and liquid amber trees and is lined with roses. A doorway covered in cornet vines leads to a magnificent private garden containing everything needed to play and relax.







The Shepard Gardens


Enormous bouquet canyon slabs cascade down the front yard slope. Brilliant orange succulents, green agave, crimson bougainvillea and a variety of ground cover add to the texture and colors. Enter the back yard by walking by the friendly chickens, and find stone terraces where succulents intermingle with vegetables including tomatoes, peppers onions, pumpkins, and peas. Dwarf citrus, fig, and peach trees grow amongst the terraced plantings.