Garden Tour 2018

Featured Artists

The Pastel Society of the Gold Coast

Karen Nicolaij Glancy

Karen Nicolaij Glancy was born and raised in North Dakota and now lives in Carpinteria. She is an accomplished artist working to develop a nice balance of light, shadow, atmosphere and reflections with the incredible variety of rich color and texture pastels can give. Karen is the current president of The Pastel Society of the Gold Coast.

Pamela Salem

Pamela Salem enjoys paining in pastels — the immediate colors offered with pastels is reflected in her art. She loves to bring animals, movement in seascapes and distance in landscapes to life with the blending of the colors offered with the soft pastel sticks.

Kale Starbird

Kale Starbird has been looking forward to creating a colorful painting of a beautiful garden for the garden show. All those hues and shadows waiting to be applied to artist’s sandpaper in her unique painterly style. Magic happens!

Thomas Hardcastle

Thomas Hardcastle, born in Boston and raised in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, is a resident of Ojai, California where he paints and takes an active role in visual arts. “My art has provided me with many journeys over the years and I look forward to the growth and insight that comes with it.”

Lynn Byrne Simon

Lynn Byrne Simon switched to pastel painting after many years of painting still life in oils. She found the immediacy and the earthiness of the pastels sticks really add dimension when painting the California landscape. Her love of pastels and the local scenery is reflected in her paintings.