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What is Music Therapy?
Music Therapy is the use of music provided by a clinically trained professional Music Therapist within a therapeutic relationship to address a patient’s physical, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and social needs including their families. Music Therapists believe that all individuals, regardless of age or musical background, have a basic capacity for musical expression and appreciation and an innate need for beauty and connection.

Why Does Music Therapy Work?
The inherent qualities of music are familiar, predictable and assert feelings of security. Listening to music competes with the cortex in the brain to decrease pain awareness or even alleviates pain. It evokes responses in the brain for memory recall and reminiscence. It touches all areas of the brain’s hemispheres simultaneously so unique outcomes of potential are possible and neurological disorders are enhanced with musical interventions.

What Does a Music Therapist Do?
Through the patient’s response to music interventions and the therapeutic relationship, a Music Therapist designs musical sessions to meet their patient’s needs. This may be accomplished with a compilation of favorite songs, singing, music listening, sensory integration activities, lyric discussions, song writing, relaxation techniques, life review, and live playing.
What are the Benefits of Music Therapy?

  • Brings beauty, meaning and increased comfort and music meets our spiritual needs.
  • Evokes repressed emotions that may now be released.
  • Changes heart rate, decreases blood pressure, effects body temp, and respiration rate.
  • Brings people together, breaks through isolation and reminiscence for those living with dementia or memory loss.
  • Respite for caregiver. Also, anxiety and stress reduction, promoting positive change in the feelings and thoughts of the patient and family members. It is enjoyable.
  • Increases awareness of self and environment and is a non-pharmacological pain relief.

Meet our Musical Therapist, Lori Sunshine, MT-BC
Lori Sunshine, MT-BC, has been working as a Professional Board Certified Music therapist for over 25 years and recently joined Team Livingston. She sings, plays the harp, piano, guitar and a variety of percussion instruments when appropriate. She has experience in the medical field using music interventions with all ages and varieties of needs.

Lori Sunshine, MT-BC
Phone: (805) 642-0239 ext. 775