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Livingston Memorial Visiting Nurse Association offers a variety of home health services ranging from skilled medical home health to palliative care. Services include:

Nursing Care:
Monitoring of medical/surgical conditions, case management, pain and symptom management, medication management, wound care, and other skilled care. Nursing care also includes extensive patient teaching to help patients self manage their condition, restore their independence, and prevent re-hospitalization.

Intravenous Therapy:
Livingston's home infusion therapy program and IV-competent registered nurses combine high-tech nursing skills with patient and family education to provide the most comprehensive, quality care available.

Livingston's rehabilitation team coordinates specialized therapy services to maximize the patient's potential and independence. Our orthopedic case management program is appropriate for patients receiving total hip and knee replacement surgery. Therapists provide teaching, in-home safety evaluation and management from the preoperative visit through hospitalization. The care then continues through home care and transitions to outpatient therapy. Rehabilitation services also coordinate care to assist patients with head, neck and spinal injuries, cerebral vascular accidents, and other conditions requiring extensive rehabilitation.

An innovative supplemental program that monitors patient status by utilizing several methods. RN scheduled telephone calls to patients assesse overall health status. The nurse may review medications, track vital signs and intervene on various health issues. Another method is utilizing state of the art technology that transmits patient information electronically. A telephonic stethoscope, electronic scale and visual feedback through videography are examples. Livingston's Telemedicine program promotes patient self-management, keeps the physician informed and helps prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and/or hospitalization.

Palliative Care:
Specialized holistic care that focuses on treating the pain and symptoms of a serious illness while supporting patients as they explore their goals for future care.

Community Services:
Livingston provides community outreach, professional health education classes, presentations and support groups free of charge. One example is our flu clinic program, which is held countywide each fall to business organizations, senior centers and the general public in Ventura County. To view our community services, please check the Calendar section to learn more.

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