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Hospice Care

What is Hospice?

You matter to the last moment of your life, and we will do all we can, not only to help you die peacefully, but to live until you die." - Dame Cicely Saunders, founder of the first modern hospice in London in 1968.

Hospice is a philosophy of care and a special program that cares for people in the end stages of terminal illness. Hospice care is provided wherever the patient resides, whether at home, in a residential care facility, or in a skilled nursing facility. The Hospice Interdisciplinary Team works together to provide comfort care to meet the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of both the patient and their family and focuses on living and the quality of life.

Livingston Hospice is a comprehensive medical model hospice and provides the full range of hospice services to patients who meet the criteria of a limited life expectancy. Trained volunteers, supported by a professional staff, provide emotional support and respite care. Please view the Volunteer tab to learn more about our volunteer program.

How does hospice care work

Typically, a family member serves as the primary caregiver and, when appropriate, helps make decisions for the terminally ill individual. Members of the hospice staff make regular visits to assess the patient and provide additional care or other services. Hospice staff is on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Hospice Services

  • Skilled nursing care
  • Hospice Aide Care
  • Medication for pain and symptom control
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Medical social worker
  • Chaplain services
  • Volunteer services
  • Registered dietitian
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists
  • Bereavement care

Hospice Resources