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Patient & Family Support Training

Each year Livingston conducts an eight week training covering the many aspects of compassionate end of life care. The prospective volunteers often come to the first class knowing in their heart they want to be here but are a little nervous about whether they will be able to “meet the task.” At the end of the class these community angels are still a bit nervous but confident and eager to serve those needing an extra hand, a hand to assist with something they can no longer do on their own, or a hand to hold, or ear to listen as they navigate this time of their life.

Patient & Family Support training classes are offered twice a year at our office in Camarillo and in Ventura. The course consists of 24 hours of training, scheduled over eight consecutive weeks (one 3-hour meeting per week). In addition to being a requirement for direct patient and client volunteering, these courses are open to the public for general community education. Training is FREE. Training includes:

  • The history of hospice in general and Livingston and Camarillo Hospice specifically.
  • The impact of a life-threatening illness on the patient and family.
  • Medical aspects of the hospice patient.
  • Someone you love is dying — how do you cope?
  • Listening skills — compassionate communication.
  • Caregiver burnout.
  • Overview of counseling services — you’re not alone.
  • Loss and bereavement/family dynamics.
  • The volunteer’s role in relation to the hospice patient.
  • A panel of Hospice volunteers sharing their hospice experiences.
  • Spiritual care of the hospice patient.
  • An overview of special programs (, family history, music therapy and pet therapy).
  • Grief as a natural process
  • The “feeling states” of grief
  • The Hospice philosophy of grief
  • Normal vs. abnormal grief
  • Helping the bereaved

Friendly Visitor volunteers complete a condensed training of nine hours, focused on listening skills and the role of a friendly visitor volunteer.

If you are interested in Patient & Family Support Training, please click here.

Bereavement Support Training

The Camarillo Hospice Bereavement Training class (nine hours) is open to those who have completed Patient & Family Support Volunteer Training and provides additional education on:

  • Society and grief
  • The acceptance of grief as a natural process
  • The hospice philosophy of grief counseling and the concept of “ENUF” (empathy, non-judgment, unconditional, feeling focus)
  • The feelings of grief, denial, anxiety, fear, depression, guilt, and anger, and differentiating between grief, mourning, and bereavement
  • Normal vs. abnormal grief, including the differences between grief and depression, reasons people get "stuck" in their grief, and individual and family dynamics that influence grief reactions
  • Tasks and counseling strategies, based on James William Worden’s Grief Counseling and Therapy
  • Bereavement support group dynamics
  • Special populations, types of loss, and cultural influences on the bereaved
  • Characteristics of a good group facilitator
  • Facilitating a hospice support group and potential problems

If you are interested in Bereavement Support Training, please click here.